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About Dr. Peter

Dr. Peter Borten became interested in natural medicine at a young age, writing his first report on acupuncture at age 12, counseling friends in high school, and shopping the witchcraft stores of Salem for medicinal herbs as a teenager. He earned his bachelor’s degree in botany at UMass Amherst, and then he moved to Portland to embark on a healing career that would include all of his interests. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – which encompasses herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, qi gong, and psychology – he found what he was looking for.

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Pain keeps you from being completely you, diminishing your quality of life. But with knowledge comes relief from the pain that’s been plaguing you—both physical and emotional.
This four week course will teach you a philosophy of eating that you can apply easily and effectively without feeling deprived, frustrated, or a fear of failure.
Acupoint Tapping is practice that works to alter your brain, energy systems, and body all at once. It’s easy to pick up, with potential to develop more and more skill over time.