How To Eat

Are you confused by food? Fed up with this celebrity diet plan or that food fad? Does conflicting nutrition information leave you wondering what to eat, how to eat it, when and with what other foods?
Sick of counting calories, grams, points? Tired of feeling like a failure because you couldn’t resist that one item your latest diet deemed “bad”?
Exasperated at being the kid in the corner with the carrot sticks while everyone else enjoys the dinner party?
There is a great deal of confusing, conflicting, celebrity-endorsed and social-media-fueled food information out there. There’s also a great deal of self-esteem crushing failure built into every diet plan that isn’t something you can easily and effectively incorporate into your life for the future.


Not just until you fit into that dress. Not just until your class reunion. Not just until your beach vacation. But rather, for the indefinite, unforeseeable, sustainable future.


Your body gets no peace when you are constantly on, and then off again, some diet plan or other. Your body begins to respond to a constant cycle of dieting and changes in eating habits in very negative, ineffective ways.

In other words, to give your “diet” a chance to work, your body has to be able to work with it. To give your “diet” a chance, your mind has to work with it, too. Only with a proper “food philosophy” can you truly succeed.


That’s not something most diets can do. With all their restrictions and regulations, all their confusion and “work”, they just don’t fit into a peaceful, happy existence (not to mention the questionable health benefits and practices of many of them.)


So why put yourself through all that? Why risk failure and defeat, possible health issues – both physical and mental – all for the sake of a pair of jeans, or a figure on a scale?


That’s where The Dragontree has decided to help, with our four week course on sustainable nutrition.

Our commitment to your peaceful, happy, healthy self includes the you who sits down to dinner, goes out to eat with friends, completes the weekly trip to the market, makes all those decisions about the food that goes into your body.


This four week course will teach that you – the eating, shopping, decision-making you – a philosophy of eating that you can apply easily and effectively without feeling deprived, frustrated, or a fear of failure.


Each week, Dr. Peter Borten will lead you through a different area of nutritional education that is fundamental to your optimal physical AND mental health.


Dr. Borten has extensively studied both Eastern and Western medical philosophies, nutrition, psychology, and spirituality. He has been applying this knowledge to helping others create eating habits that support their health for over 15 years.

Week One – Food Philosophy 101
Dr. Borten integrates the best wisdom of Eastern and Western medical traditions to present you with a broad foundation for understanding your relationship to food. You’ll learn a way of thinking about eating and digestion that will make sense to you and will inform your choices around eating in a natural, intuitive way. The “philosophy” of food that builds healthy habits and eliminates the need for dieting in the traditional sense.

Week Two – “Good” vs. “Bad”
We get so much conflicting information about which foods are good and which are bad. In the second session, Dr. Borten tackles the confusion with a combination of modern research and Eastern wisdom. Discussion will include such touchy subjects as wheat, dairy, fat and coffee. You’ll leave with a well-rounded understanding of these foods and a plan for how to manage your relationship with them.

Week Three – How vs. What
In week three, Dr. Borten will speak on the many ways in which we eat – the time of day, our pace, our mindset, etc.- impact our health. In fact, you’ll learn that how you eat is at least as important as what you eat. Eating the same foods, but changing your routine could make all the difference in how you feel.

Week Four – Eating for Optimal Weight
Getting to, and maintaining, our ideal weight is good for our bodies and our confidence. Of course, working out is vital to our fitness, but we may not have to work so hard if we make adjustments to what and how we eat. The final class will teach you practical guidelines for weight loss and maintenance that you’ll be able to implement immediately.

How it works
When you sign up, you’ll receive the course materials for week one immediately. Then for three weeks, every Monday by 5 pm PST you will receive your weekly video lessons.

Each lesson within the module is full of information, but easy to understand and complete. We know your time is valuable, so we give you lots of quality content without any fluff, so you can spend your time living your life and implementing the principles, instead of listening to someone ramble on endlessly.

You will be invited to join our private Facebook group where, as a community, we support one another to make healthy choices and eat well. Having others to support us pushes us to take action and encourages us when things become difficult.


Dr. Borten will be available in this group weekly to answer questions and clarify anything that you need help with.

Foundational and practical knowledge about nutrition that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

The ability to create and modify your own diet for optimal health.

An understanding of how to eat in a way that will maximize your energy.

Sustainable approaches to achieving and maintaining your optimal weight.

A healthier mental relationship with food

Feeling confident in your food choices and dietary habits.

Less stress around food.

Shaping your life and your diet so that they work for you, both mentally and physically.

Guarantee of Delight:
We guarantee everything we do to be top notch and deliver wonderful results. If you aren’t 100% delighted with the program within 30 days and you have participated 100% then we’ll return 100% of your investment

You could keep trying fad diets and being confused about nutrition, or you could spend the next 4 weeks learning exactly what you need to know to access the nutritionist within and make eating enjoyable again. Experience How To Eat, and change your mind, as well as your body!
This is your life – feel healthy and vibrant!