Work With Me


What are you struggling with? 


  • Mental/emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression, irritability, or difficulty focusing?
  • Challenges around life potential & purpose, relationships, direction, communication, and spiritual connection?
  • Pain of any kind: muscle spasms, joint pain, nerve pain, headaches or migraines?
  • Digestive problems such as bloating, acid reflux, nausea, or bowel irregularity?
  • Reproductive issues such as PMS, endometriosis, low libido, or infertility?
  • Fatigue, insomnia, or autoimmune conditions?
  • Concerns about your immune system and the looming threat of infection?



Whether physical, psychological, or spiritual, our struggles can infringe on our quality of life. They take us out of the moment, consuming energy and attention. They make it difficult to focus, hard to enjoy what we love, or like life is something to get through rather than an incredible opportunity to rejoice in.

But when these issues no longer dominate our lives, when we resolve them and/or use them as opportunities for growth, we’re FREE to be our best selves, to focus on our blessings, to consciously shape our lives as we choose, to feel peaceful, and to just be. 

Who would you be if you overcame your struggles? What would your life look like? What gifts would you share with the world? 

It’s my job to help you answer these questions and support you to actualize this potential!

We have three formats for meeting: Life Coaching, Healing Sessions, and Herbal Consults

Life Coaching


There are a number of courses that aren’t offered in high school but should be mandatory for everyone, in my opinion. How to Communicate Purposefully, How to Live with Integrity, and Basics of Life Design would be among my top choices. These skills are so essential for a happy, meaningful, and balanced life, but there’s guarantee that we’ll figure them out on our own.

In 25 years of helping people attain optimal wellness, I’ve discovered that wellness goes far beyond physical and mental health. A progressive definition of wellness has to include optimal function and expression in all domains of life, including relationships, community, creativity, spirituality, career, and so on. As it turns out, most of my clients’ biggest breakthroughs have occurred not through my “doing medicine to them” but through listening, witnessing, teaching, and coaching them to actualize the brilliance I see in them.

I like “fixing” people as much as the next medical professional, but saw that I can only do so much for a passive participant lying on a table. The folks who achieve real lasting transformation tend to come with a willingness to be an active and enthusiastic participant in their process of healing and evolution. In the end, this is more gratifying for both of us.

Thus, there’s been a gradual shift in my practice toward a coaching orientation. In this format, we can devote an entire hour to diving deep, clearing blocks, and calling forth what I think of as an individual’s virtuous core. And when we do this consistently over a series of months, we inevitably see powerful positive changes.

Some of the main influences of my coaching work are my background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Five Element philosophy and Daoism; my training in empowerment and personal accountability with spiritual teacher Matt Garrigan; direct revelation through our connection with the natural world; somatic psychology; and nondual philosophy.

Cost: $275 per session


3 months (4 sessions per month, for 12 sessions total) at $1000 per month

6 months (4 sessions per month, for 24 sessions total) at $975 per month

12 months (4 sessions per month, for 48 sessions total) at $950 per month

Healing Sessions


In these sessions, we meet through video chat to discuss and work through your health challenges. I use a variety of approaches, drawing from both Eastern and Western medical principles, to help you achieve optimal wellness, including:

  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • Five Element psychology
  • Guided acupoint tapping (EFT)
  • Home acupressure, heat therapy, and movement prescriptions
  • Intuitive reading for energy blockages and misalignments
  • When appropriate, herbal formulas and/or supplements


While I draw upon many sources in my work, my foundation is in Traditional East Asian Medicine, which has thrived for thousands of years because of its elegance and potency as a complete system of healing.

This ancient philosophy has its origin in nature, so it’s both poetic and scientific. Rather than asking, “How can we make these problems go away?”, we ask, “Who is this person that has these problems?” By considering the whole individual and focusing on the root cause of what is out of balance, we are able to promote deep and thorough healing.

In my practice, I see patients for the whole spectrum of concerns – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

These 60 minute sessions are conducted via Skype or Whatsapp.

Cost: $275

In addition to the price of the session, patients are responsible for the cost of any herbs or supplements that may be recommended (which you can procure yourself).

Herbal Consults


Every plant is a sophisticated pharmacy capable of initiating positive change to the body-mind. 

The herbal supplement industry can be confusing. It seems that we just need the right bottle of pills to be cured of whatever ails us. But the results are often disappointing.

What’s missing is the perspective of a doctor trained in botanical medicine who can make an accurate diagnosis and create a personalized herbal formula that matches your individual presentation.

That’s what I do. 

I develop a unique formula of about 12 herbs for every patient, customized to your overall health picture.

  • These plants work together synergistically to address both the underlying imbalance and the presenting symptoms.
  • A mix of traditional indications and modern scientific findings results in a final product that is often just as effective as a comparable pharmaceutical drug but without the negative side effects.
  • Furthermore, we have the potential to do something completely outside the scope of drug therapy: to make lasting corrections and to boost one’s core vitality.


The consultation is roughly 30 minutes long. Following the session, I write you a personalized herbal formula. If you live in the Boulder, Colorado area, I can make the formula for you here and you can pick it up. For people in other areas, I will have the formula filled by an herbal pharmacy that will ship it to you.

These formulas are made the highest quality granules – precooked herbs that have been concentrated and powdered. When mixed with boiling water, they form a strong tea that’s nearly identical to the potent, tried-and-true method of decocting raw herbs. As such, they aren’t always tasty, but they work!

(Most people prefer granulated herbs, but if you are interested in taking a bulk herbal formula, which is often stronger but also more work to prepare and more expensive, I can have an herbal pharmacy fill the prescription in bulk form and ship it to you.)

I do not bill insurance companies, but you may qualify for reimbursement by insurance, depending on your coverage.

Cost: $175

In addition to the price of the consultation, patients are responsible for the cost of the herbs which is typically about $25 a week, plus postage.


Peter has been in practice since 1999 with specializations in mental/emotional disorders, psycho-spiritual guidance, and pain. He received his master’s and doctorate from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, additional certification in Classical Five Element Acupuncture, and is a certified Qigong instructor (Essence, Turtle Longevity, and Soaring Crane forms, under Master Hui-Xian Chen). He has written several books with his wife, including The Well Life, Rituals for Transformation, the Dreambook, and others. And he has authored hundreds of articles on all aspects of wellness (many available in the articles section of this site). He created Live Pain Free, a revolutionary course for self-management of pain, and How to Eat, an online course in holistic nutrition for anyone with a mouth. He has been the co-owner of The Dragontree wellness company with spas in Portland and Boulder since 2003, is co-creator of the Dragontree Life Coaching program, and has online courses in holistic nutrition and pain management. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two kids, plus a menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens, and alpacas.