One day about 15 years ago, my wife called me sounding distressed. She told me a heavy table had fallen on her foot and she couldn’t walk. A friend drove her home and I ran outside to get her. I carried her up about 30 stairs, laid her on the couch and examined her foot. It was purple and had swollen to the size of a football. She said the pain was almost unbearable.



I suspected a minor fracture. I knew I should probably take her to the E.R., but I decided to give it a few hours and see what I could do for her. Like any self-respecting mad scientist, I had a pharmacy of hundreds of herbs and essential oils at my disposal. I started grinding and blending plants for severe blunt trauma, including some that are specifically indicated for broken bones. I wrapped them in cheesecloth, soaked them in hot water and applied the poultice to her foot.



She winced when I laid it on her skin, but soon reported that it felt soothing. We talked for a while and I warmed up the poultice every so often. An hour later, the swelling was considerably reduced and she said the pain was minimal. By dinnertime, she could walk on it. I bundled the herbs around her foot and she went to bed. In the morning there was just a little discoloration to the skin, but both the swelling and pain were completely gone. The next day she wore heels and worked a full shift on her feet with zero pain.



We were both so elated (especially her) that were immediately convinced that we needed to figure out a way to share this stuff with the world. Our kitchen became a laboratory for the next couple years as I compared herbs from various sources, worked on different methods of extraction, and experimented with carriers that would result in the most effective and consistent product. (I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally rubbed my eyes or nose with something spicy on my hands.) Finally, Muscle Melt was born!



In the time since then, our Muscle Melt products have been used by tens of thousands of happy clients. Just the other day, I was having some concrete work done for a barn we’re building and I noticed that one of the workers was wincing every time he lifted something. I asked him what was going on and he showed me a red, swollen elbow. I ran into the house and came back with a bottle of our liniment and a few packs of Muscle Melt patches. I applied one of the patches and told him to leave it on there until morning.



The next day he walked over to me with a big grin on his face while opening and closing his elbow. He said it felt great, and pointed to his arm as he bent his elbow completely to bring his fist up to his shoulder. He said, “I could only bend my elbow about 45 degrees yesterday!”



A patient of mine told me last month that he can’t make it through a whole round of golf because his knee starts killing him after a dozen swings. I gave him some of the Muscle Melt Balm and asked him to apply it to the knee a couple times a day, plus right before his next game. When I saw him the next week he said, “I need to get more of that stuff! I had my best game ever!” He hadn’t felt a twinge from his knee. (I advised him that we probably couldn’t take credit for his good golf score though.)

The joy I get from helping people resolve long standing pain has been such a gift in my life, I hope that this offering I’ve created to help you impacts your life in a way that allows you to feel amazing and free.
Dr. Peter Borten