You, Life, and the Big Stupid Head

You, Life, and the Big Stupid Head

Over the years of practicing medicine and teaching, I’ve been increasingly drawn to the word “expansion” as one of my primary goals for clients and students. When we suffer, we’re in what I think of as a “contracted” state. Our perspective shrinks around our problems so that they come to occupy the bulk of our awareness.

It’s like someone with an enormous head has sat down in front of you at the movie theater. The movie that’s playing on the screen is called Life. It got like 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. But all you can see is their annoying head. It’s so unfair. Everyone else doesn’t have a person with a big stupid head in front of them. They’re just watching and laughing and eating popcorn.

The more you sit and grumble about the situation, the more you scrutinize his ugly head, and the more you think, “Why me? This is tragic!” the more contracted your awareness becomes. Eventually the movie’s over and you think, “I missed out on Life because of that dummy.” In moments of expansion you might see that your outlook played a significant (negative) role in this experience, but this is only useful going forward. If you turn that self-awareness into self-blame, it just intensifies the contraction.

Had you been committed to getting the most out of Life, you might have tried different ways to expand your awareness beyond that big head. Moving back a row. Asking the guy to relocate. Forgiving him and yourself and Life and anyone else you might blame. And focusing on the many aspects of Life that aren’t eclipsed by the head.

For instance, you might notice that you can actually see most of the screen. You can still hear the music. You can still feel joy. You can still experience connection with those around you and your own Highest Self. You can still relish your food. And when you look neutrally at that big head – shhh, don’t tell anyone – it’s not entirely bad.

It’s bald, actually, and there’s a tattoo on it. It’s a cartoon of someone at the movies sitting behind a guy with an enormous head.

In the first frame the person in the back is angry and red in the face. In the second frame they’re screaming and pulling their hair out. In the last frame, they’re laughing and tears of gratitude are pouring down their cheeks.


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