A Time to Listen

A Time to Listen

With the start of a new year (and not just any year – 2012), many of us take the time to think about what we resolve to change, begin, explore or release during the upcoming year.  Now that 2012 is underway, perhaps many of us are paying more attention to time, how we experience it, how it affects us and what we plan do to with it in what many believe to be a very auspicious year.

Perhaps you’ve had some of the following thoughts:

“There never seems to be enough time”
“These are interesting times”
“Where does the time go?”
“These are tough economic times”
“I just don’t have time”
“Not this time”
“Not now”

“I wish I had more time for myself”…..”I’m going to set aside time for myself…..creating space to honor myself and my experience…. my world, my Self, my body”

I’d encourage you to set aside time for yourself, creating space for your Self so that you may listen to what may be coming forward, what wants to express through and as you.

What impulses am I aware of?
How am I feeling in my body and where does it need attention and support?
How do I feel being in all that I am surrounded by?
Just listening to you… without judgement, guilt, fear, doubt….just sitting with your Self and remembering there is nothing I need to do, be or have right now…. all I am is enough and complete

Massage and bodywork or a ‘Spa Day’ are wonderful ways to create this space for yourself. Every time I work with a client in a session I take a moment to honor and acknowledge them for creating time for themselves. Focusing on how important it is to just listen to their body and support its current experience and process. Some of the deepest release work occurs when we just listen to each other: with presence and awareness, allowing the other to be seen and expressed.

May this dynamic and creative year provide you with ‘all the time in the world’ to listen to your Self and to then discover all of the support that surrounds.
Many blessings of peace and joy…

~Steven Burbank, LMT – lead therapist, The Dragontree PDX

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