Your Most Vibrant, Centered, and Grateful Self

Your Most Vibrant, Centered, and Grateful Self

As we approach the American Thanksgiving holiday, for the first time ever we have to use the term “American Thanksgiving.” We always have so much to be thankful for, but this year it’s a little different because we’ve made big strides in expanding how we perform our mission in the world.

For most of our existence, The Dragontree has been followed by the words “Holistic Day Spa.” But, beginning a few years ago, we became more than a spa when we launched our natural and therapeutic product line. In the past year, we started an online course in nutrition, we launched our whole-health magazine called WELL, and we published our Dreambook – resources to more effectively help you become your most vibrant, centered, and peaceful self. Our redesigned website just went live, which will make it easier for you to explore all the wonderful things we offer.

While we continue to devote ourselves to ensuring exceptional healing experiences for the patrons of our spas, our new offerings enable us to help clients in more diverse ways and to reach an audience far beyond our beloved cities of Portland and Boulder. We have emerging relationships with people in dozens of countries around the world, and we are delighted and honored to be able to make a difference in your lives.

We have the deepest gratitude for being able to dedicate ourselves to this work, and to be able to witness the healing and accomplishments of those who have crossed our paths.

Thank you.

Briana and Dr. Peter Borten


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