You Are Not Your Results

You Are Not Your Results

YOU ARE NOT YOUR RESULTS.  You are not your accomplishments or your failures.  You are the creative source, but not the creation.  Attaching your self-worth to the outcome of your actions is like attaching your self-worth to the weather.  If you do this, you’re apt to feel good about yourself when the weather is to your liking, and then to  feel bad about yourself when it’s not to your liking … and this is how so many of us live.  Alternatively, there’s the possibility of recognizing that you can only do so much to shape the outcome of your actions – and then committing to be clear about your purpose and doing your best.

You are able to PRODUCE results (or not), but that is what you DO, not who you are.  You cannot be a failure.  You can fail to create something the way that you intended, true.  But even then you are not a failure.  In order for you to be a failure, the divine intention at your birth would have to have been to create, say, a donkey and – damn it – you’re a person.  Fail.  But, that is not what happened.  The world needed you – and you were created – success!

The sneaky little part about this deal is that it feels so good to know we are not our results when we do not produce the results we want.  However, when we produce something amazing, we want to be our results.  But… we aren’t.  Not that you can’t feel good about creating exactly what you were intending, in fact – do feel good about it, but be careful to separate that from your sense of self-worth. Because it is a slippery, slippery slope, my friend.  That great result can go to shit in a moment’s notice, and then all of your self-worth that you have wrapped up in your creation will crash and burn in a fiery blaze.

When we detach ourselves from our results our inspiration and creation become unleashed.  Perfectionism disappears.  Freedom flows through our lives because we are able to look at what we create and state, “I produced this” without getting caught up in what that makes us.  Then we get to choose what to produce next.  Flow.

– Briana Borten, Founder of The Dragontree

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