“Why Isn’t My Moisturizer Working?”

“Why Isn’t My Moisturizer Working?”

It’s one of the most common questions our estheticians are asked!

More than likely, the problem is that you’re not exfoliating often
enough.  Exfoliants help with skin cell turnover and rejuvenation.
Without removing those congesting layers of dead skin cells, what do
you think your moisturizer is sitting on top of?!?  Exfoliating
regularly will not only improve the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles, but will also prepare a fresh surface of skin for your
moisturizer to work it’s magic on.  You will notice an immediate

If you want an extra boost with your moisturizer, ALWAYS add a toner
to your skin care regimen!  Toners are meant to prepare your skin for
moisturizers and other specialty products.  A simple spritz after
cleansing will help metabolize any further products used, and maximize
their effectiveness.

~Kat, Assistant Spa Director

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