What I Learned

What I Learned

Sometimes the most simplest of human tasks can be changed to give us the most benefit.  Take for example the idea of washing your face…..recently I learned some new information at a workshop given by our estheticians about when to wash your face.

I learned that washing my face at night instead of in the morning is better for my skin.  Washing with a simple cleanser (I’m currently using Blue Lava cleanser from Livia) then following it with a toner and moisturizer is all that is needed.  Skip the morning cleanser and just rinse off with warm water in the shower is all that is needed in the morning…follow with your toner and moisturize as usual.  This type of regime helps your skin manufacture the “good” oil overnight and allows you to keep this “good” oil by not washing it away in the morning.

I’ve been trying this new regime over the past 2 weeks and have to say that my skin is less oily than usual…which in my case is a big change!  My skin did feel a bit dry for the first few days but once my skin had a chance to embrace my new face washing regiment…it’s been better than ever!

Not all Estheticians believe in this type of skincare regiment but it certainly seems to work for me!

~Robert Goergen, Spa Director

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