Wellness Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Wellness Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

The holidays can be challenging to stay focused and retain your health and wellness goals. Tis the season for spending time with the family. Many family celebrations and traditions center around food, and the busy schedules don’t leave much time for exercise, so it is not unusual to gain some weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Consider these simple tips for a healthy holiday:

Focus on weight maintenance versus weight loss: It is hard enough to maintain your current weight, so don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to lose weight during the holidays.

Be physically active every day: Aerobic activity such as walking, jogging, and swimming can help relieve stress, regulate appetite and burn extra calories from all the holiday eating.

Have a plan of action: Think about what foods you really want to eat versus those that you can go without.

Snack before the big event: Try to eat some fruit or yogurt in advance of a big meal. You will be less likely to overeat.

Listen to your brain: Remember it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that it is full. Slow down, and give the message a chance to get through to your brain before you overeat.  Savor your food and eat slowly!

Choose your beverages wisely. Water and diet sodas are calorie free, but beware of calories found in fruit punch, regular soda, eggnog, and the cocktails!!!

Looking for something sweet? Try fruit!

Don’t feel guilty. Overeating one day won’t ruin your health goals. Enjoy your holiday meal and then return to your usual eating habits the next day.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

~Jennifer Beachy, Marketing Director

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