We Are Not Limited

We Are Not Limited

“Punk is not limited. Punk embraces everything but rejects ignorance. Punk grows like a tree. Punk is universal. Punk is fun, humor, rebellion and individualism. It’s like a child: free, honest and sweet and sometimes very loud and even angry, silly, and ridiculous.” ~Nina Hagen

I love this quote.

Someone asked me fairly recently if I consider myself a punk and what that means to me.  This question had been asked of me again and again for the last 20+ years.  The answer has been yes for a while, but there were times when the debate as to what that word might be came into play and I wasn’t sure what I thought.

As a society, we love labels.  We love to be able to look at someone and define quickly, so we can easily understand our assumptions about them.  It’s a shame because people are so much more faceted than that.

My label has often times been “punk.”  I know what it means to me, which is so well put by the above quote; I also know what it could mean to others: a visual definition combined with an aggressive and, oftentimes, useless attitude.

I know a lot of “punks” around my age who you would never give a second glance to.  Their appearance has shifted away from a punk uniform. Perhaps they never even found that uniform important.  The difference is in the way they think and do.

Working at Dragontree PDX has been an adventure.  I’ve come in contact with all walks of life.  Oftentimes the interactions are very quick as a person will be boarding their plane soon.  I’ve met people about to be married, in mourning, on business, etc.

The lesson is the same for interacting with them as it is for interacting with me and everyone else you may ever encounter: Don’t judge a book by its’ cover.  You might miss out on some of the most educational interactions you may ever have.

— Meredith DeLocaAssistant Spa Director The Dragontree PDX

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