Understanding Your Body

Understanding Your Body

A couple of month ago I wrote about digging into understanding my sugar addiction and starting to treat it as it is: an addiction. If you’re wondering, I am still not completely sugar free, but I am consuming quite a bit less. The whole experience of trying to understand my own body mechanics and the effects of the things I put into it have raised a slew of interesting questions and thoughts.

Since the “I am Meredith and I am a sugarholic” admission, I started thinking more and more about my day to day physical and mental states and how they might be effected by everything I put into my body.

I’ve always had a problem with fatigue and blood sugar fluctuation. Blood tests I had done a little over a year ago got me taking daily iron supplements (and Vitamin C to help with iron absorption). I also added a B complex, pantethine, evening primrose oil, and switched my fish oil to a good quality capsule. Capsules actually hold LESS fish oil than just braving the liquid form, but this way I actually remember to take it!

I know that adding these supplements to my diet is a good thing; however, I was still suffering from quite a bit of fatigue and the blood sugar fluctuations.

I love doing research on natural remedies, so I’ve started adding raw apple cider vinegar to my water to wash down both my morning and evening vitamins. Within the last couple of weeks I’ve started taking two capsules of Panax Ginseng with my morning vitamins and I’ve certainly noticed a difference there. The energy it gives me is a nice normal level and it keeps me going throughout the day.

It’s a long road trying to unlearn life long habits and figure out if I am short on nutrients or even allergic to certain foods. I do think it’s a worthwhile thing to keep working on though. I look forward to seeing how my quality of life continues to increase as I figure out what is right for me.

Meredith DeLoca
Assistant Spa Director

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