Transcend Into the Holidays!

Transcend Into the Holidays!

It’s true!  We have some awesome new lotions that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling as we’ve been packaging them in our work area at the airport.  Coming to work is great, but walking into the office to be greeted by the warm smells of the lotions makes coming to work even better.

Many of the scents continue some of the old favorites we’ve had in our salts, milk bath, and sprays for a while.  However, we have a new one that I can’t get enough of called Transcend. …And indeed it does.  The scent throws me into memories of holidays with family and is making me look forward to the upcoming holidays with my friends.  I am a Massachusetts girl, so often my  family is a little far away to visit this time of year.  However, my family of friends have created traditions that I’ve come to look forward to just as much.

We have a variety of cooks and chefs in the family who create masterpieces I never would have thought of while growing up: Baked apples as a sweet and healthy dessert.  Toferky found next to traditional options.  Fireplaces with discussions and movies with the girls over homemade snack blends and a fine red wine.

Life changes at lightning speed, but we transcend to find a place with those we love.  We transcend to create new traditions to warm our hearts and look forward to them rolling around every year.  We hold the old ones close to our hearts and love when there is opportunity to revisit them.

I enter this month grateful for what I have and what I’ve had.

~Meredith Deloca, Assistant Spa Director, PDX

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