The time is NOW…..

The time is NOW…..

Remember when it was 2010 or better yet, New Year’s Eve of 2011, when we were filled to the brim with anticipation for the infamous “2012, the end of the Mayan calendar”?  Here we are, in the 9th month of the year with only 3 months to go… And the world has not yet come to an end.  Are we holding our breath till it turns 2013 where we will have proved our worth as a species, proving the prophecies all wrong, that we have survived, and in fact all is intact and moving along quite nicely… And then exhale?

Or are we holding on for dear life because this year has been going at the speed of light, nothing is as it was in January, you’re fueled up with the glory of the truth of the changes that have occurred, you’re on a roll and wondering how are you going to have all the buttons hatched down by December 31st, the end of 2012?

The good news is right now is the time to shore up loose ends, put closure to projects you have been working on, and move forward into the last phase of this year feeling the fulfillment of reaching your goals.  So don’t sit back on your heels and wait to exhale… Go for the finish line and go out with a bang!  The time is NOW!

Morning Star Foucault
Lead Massage Therapist

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