The power of your mind-the power of Love

The power of your mind-the power of Love

A few years ago, I decided to try creating my own positive affirmation to create new though patterns. I remember reading cheerful ones, cheesy ones, weird sounding ones,  wonderful ones,  and ones that didn’t quite fit. So I figured I’d come up with some on my own, just for myself and my life.The theory is that whatever your affirmation is, it has to create a 100% positive response in your system otherwise it works the opposite way, creating doubt and negative vibrations if the words don’t feel true to you. Gotta stimulate the good vibrations within yourself. I discovered this take a little creativity to get to that perfect phrase that resonates.

For example, like many people, I have struggled with feeling good about my physical appearance. Eh not too shabby, but nothing stellar.
So I started with”I feel good about my looks” – meh. Boring. Doesn’t feel good.
Then “my looks are STELLAR”- um , too much. Does not resonate as true. Stellar? I mean come on.
Ok…”I am beautiful”– getting closer, but…. beautiful compared to what? To me, that implies comparison within some system of Beauty with a capital B.
Dang, this was hard!
As I’m looking in the mirror at myself searching for feel good thoughts, I say out loud,
“I love my face”
Hmm. That felt good. ” I love my face” Yep, still with the good feelings. No negative vibrations coming from that one. I think I’ll keep that one for awhile.
“I love______” was said aloud in my house over and over for the next several months. And I tell you what, I really would catch myself in the mirror and think my face was changing- it seemed more radiant, glowing. But I wasn’t applying any new makeup or beauty products. I was choosing to love it, and telling it I loved it. And getting more confident by feeling that I loved it.

A message of love is powerful
I would highly recommend trying this process of creating affirmations that resonate as true, raise your vibration, make new neural pathways and maybe, just maybe make you look and feel fabulous.If anyone is interested in more info or starting a class, I would be happy to help lead this personalized creative adventure. Simply email me at

~Hilary, Retail Manager
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