The Language of Love

The Language of Love

Love. It’s a wonderful word. Love is all you need- or so they say. It’s been a guiding principle I try to live by- to love fully, deeply with an open heart.  When all else makes little sense in this world, remember to love. But- is it enough to feel love towards another? How do we share love? How do we all slip from well intending people to frustrated friends and partners who feel disconnected by our actions, unspoken words or lack of time together? wouldn’t they just know from  good intentions that they are loved?

Last month I got major insight while hearing from my co-workers a specific memory in which they felt loved. This exercise was based on a book  called “The 5 languages of love” written by Dr. Gary Chapman. His premise is that we all feel love from others in different but similar ways, based a lot on our upbringing of course. After years of counseling others, he has seen 5 major categories, or languages of love;

Kind words, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and loving touch. Sometimes the language we speak to others is different from the language we hear from others. Have you ever found yourself helping a friend again and again, getting frustrated because they don’t say a simple thank you? You are speaking 2 different languages- acts of service and kind words. The book helps how to recognize these languages in yourself and others. I would recommend this book to just about anybody, as is it teaching me how to take a concept that guides my life into everyday steps I can take to share more love with others in a language they understand. And we could all use a little more peace, love and understanding.


Thank you!


Hilary, Retail Manager
The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

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