The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

Lately I have been catching myself falling into a negative thinking pattern, a reactive stance to nearly everything that comes my way.
Some say, seeing the glass half empty as opposed to half full. I’m fairly convinced this has led me to feeling more tired, more grumpy, just overall more run-down. It’s hard to feel vibrant when your outlook is grim! But they say whatever it is you choosee to focus on grows, so choose wisely, that leads to true response-ability.

Being the month of Thanksgiving, I decided to challenge myself to look for something to be grateful for each and every day this month, and post it on a social networking page I subscribe to.  I am ready to make some new neural pathways and change my thinking habits. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Here I am on day 21, and I will share with you a few of my experiences. Day one, I took a walk outside, but I didn’t have my coat. My first thought was- yuck, I’m COLD. Wasn’t feeling too happy about my exposure to the elements. Then I thought, “At least I own a warm coat” then I remembered I have not just one warm coat , but several at home. How lucky am I to be able to choose which warm coat I would like to match with the day’s outfit. OK, outlook improved, I was still cold, but it wasn’t that bad.Another day, I was feeling under the weather and at first noticed that I haven’t felt well for a while. OK- what you choose to focus on GROWS. Then I changed my focus to notice that my boss told me to take it easy and go sit in the sauna. I recognized what a 2 part gift that is. To have a caring boss AND to be able to sauna while on a break at work? Totally awesome!!

After a few days awareness, this became a really fun game to me. Now I was on the lookout for good stuff! I have to say the daily posting online of what I was thankful for was a great accountability tool. I knew I would have to post something at the end of my day, so all day I would be open to great gifts, big and small, thinking, will my post be about THIS? I knew it wasn’t about the gift itself, but the being open to, and seeing the gifts that are all around everyday.Then, something else shifted, maybe it’s just a theory, but I feel in the process of this challenge, more good things, more love, more friends are actually appearing in my life.Or maybe, just maybe great gifts are all around us, all the time. And whatever it is we choose to focus on GROWS. Focus on the good stuff.

Thank you!

Hilary, Retail Manager
The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

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