The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

Recently, I sampled the Livia Ultralift Eye Treatment and was totally blown away! This stuff was amazing…I almost instantly felt the area around my eyes firming up!Many years ago (too many to count) my lovely friend Constance, explained to me the benefit of
using an “eye cream”. She mentioned how when wearing contacts (as we both do) it was extremely important for us to give our eyes a little more love because of the constant tugging we do when putting on or taking off our lenses. Of course, I immediately went out and bought some sort of eye cream!
Afterall, I was being told this info by someone who has the most beautiful skin, so I knew it had to be true.

Ever since that conversation, long ago, back in my little studio apartment in NYC, I’ve been using some sort of eye cream but never been totally committed to one product…until now!

Thank you Constance for passing along this bit of knowledge and for being such a fabulous friend all these years!

– Robert Goergen, Spa Director at Thurman

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