The Dragontree Top 5- Way to Go Local!

The Dragontree Top 5- Way to Go Local!

The 5 most popular items sold in June:

  • Dragontree Muscle Melt Liniment
  • Imbue Pain Patch
  • Spa Neck Packs
  • Dragontree Peace Tea
  • Dagoba Chocolates

The Muscle Melt is a must have for immediate pain relief. Formulated by our Dr. Peter Borten, we even designed a massage just for it. The Imbue pain patch is the most exciting addition we have at the spa right now. Get back to doing what you love, with this herbal infused patch that delivers hours of relief. Our neckpacks are locally made, every batch comes in a different variety of fabric choices. The covers are washable, microwave for heat, freeze for cooling. Made with rice and lavender, the scent will remind you of the spa every time you wrap it around you.

The Peace Tea now comes in packages to buy and take home to extend your relaxing spa experience into your own oasis. Caffeine free, all organic, made on-site here in Portland. And of course Dagoba chocolates from Ashland, Oregon, saw a spike in sales due to our expanded line of tasting squares,a  perfect sized nibble to keep you going. New for us includes  lavender blueberry and spicy Xocolatl.

Have you tried all 5?

– Hilary Spray, Retail Manager

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