Sun Protection Recommendations from Hilary our retail manager

Sun Protection Recommendations from Hilary our retail manager

Sunburns are not only painful, but they can cause serious damage leading to wrinkles, dark spots and even cancer.

Do not pull out last year’s sunscreen and think it will do the trick.. Essential elements within sunscreen can fade within a year of opening.

Epicuren offers two wonderful choices for you:

Zinc Oxide SPF 20

X-treme Cream SPF 45

Be sure to apply it every day, even sun through a cloudy day can damage skin cells.

For the month of July these 2 products are 20% off, both at our online store and our 2 locations.

Just in case you end up a little crispy after your outdoor adventure. Be prepared- carry a bottle of Epicuren’s Noni Herbal Elixir.

It’s an Aloe Vera based gel containing Noni fruit, well known around the world for healing burned and damaged skin.

I also LOVE Livia’s Super C Serum for post sun exposure, as vitamin c is critical to healing skin cell damage and prevention of the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. Fades sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formation.

Have fun out there, but be prepared!

Hilary, Retail Manager
The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

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