Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I had a friend in town a couple of weeks ago.  Correction:  I had an acquaintance come to town and he left as a friend.

It could have been awkward.  I’d only really spent time with him as his band had passed through on tour for a night or two.  How would we get along for a whole week? Regardless, Lance needed a change of pace from life in L.A. and I needed a shakeup of my own, so caution was thrown to the wind.

As humans, we like our comfort and our habitual ways of doing things, but sometimes we get TOO comfortable in our patterns. We are so likely to be so involved in our own little worlds that we no longer remember to let new people in and/or view moments such as this as an opportunity. All of our towns and cities have activities available that we are likely to show our out of town guests, but not remember to try them on our own.

Lance and I headed up to the Rose Gardens.  I can’t remember the last time I’d made it up there! It smelled so good and we even smiled amusingly at the sound of one poor little boy who was disappointed to leave.  We sat on the grass and took in the sights and more sounds.

After that, we headed to Powell’s Books.  Granted, I end up there quite a bit, but I’m not usually with someone who is stepping foot in there for the first time.  (If you’ve never been, it’s a sight to behold!)  Lance wandered around in awe while I parked myself in the art section and reacquainted myself with some post war artists that I’d not thought about since college.  I reminded myself of the visuals and the messages that were being sent in the pieces.

Both he and I took down our walls in conversation and opened up about things or experiences that may or not even be shared with the closest of friends.  It was an approach that so few people are likely to take these days as we wonder how people may want to take advantage or manipulate.  We were up front in thanking each other for the opportunity to get out of our day to day and experience a new (or revisit a long forgotten way) of doing things.

Lance left over a week ago, but the reminder still stands; step out of the comfort zone often and with confidence.  It’s what life is all about.

Meredith Deloca, Assistant Spa Director, PDX

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