Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Last weekend, the reminder that it is flu and cold season hit me over the head- literally-
and put me in bed for a couple of days. I had been too busy with work, errands and other
matters to take my vitamin consistently through out the week, catch up on sleep and eat
my fruits and veggies, so nature took matters into her own hands and slowed me down
with a lovely variation of the common cold. It most likely doesn’ t help matter that I have
a toddler, who is a walking Petri dish of germs from his day care!

This got me thinking about my immune system and cold & flu season. How can you
boost your immune system to avoid catching colds and the flu this winter?

There are many simple and natural ways that you can help your body fight illness,
because avoiding exposure is really not an option for most of us! Diet is the easiest and
most effective way to stay healthy. Load your diet with fruits and veggies, which are rich
in vitamins and antioxidants. Season your food with garlic, as it is known for both its
ability to improve circulation and fight infection. If you are sick- stay at home! You will
recover faster, and your co-workers will thank you.

Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating yourself with too much caffeine, alcohol and
sugar, all of which also sap your energy. Try to get your zzz’ s each and every night, and
take time for yourself. Take a walk outside, meditate, get a massage, and exercise your
body. I’ m actually glad I was laid up in bed with my first cold of the season- it reminded
me to take my own advice and take care of myself! Because as the old saying goes, ” If
Mama ain’ t happy, ain’ t nobody happy.” To your good health this fall and winter!

– Maggie Palmer, Marketing Director

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