How-to: Self-Care for Dads

How-to: Self-Care for Dads

Statistics show that women go to the doctor, the spa, and partake in self-care activities more than men do. For their part, men are better at dying young than women. I’m not saying there’s any connection, but I think it’s important that men care for themselves and let themselves be cared for.

Women make up a majority of both my own patients and overall Dragontree clients. That probably won’t change, but it would be great if guys could narrow the gap a bit. If you’re a male, perhaps you’re on our mailing list because you’ve already been to one of our spas, but if not, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment today! I’m saying this not because I want your business, but because, from one guy to another, you’re going to love it.

On the outside, guys like to appear that they don’t need anyone to take care of them, but I think secretly we all want to be taken care of. If we’re lucky and healthy, we get into a relationship in which we allow our partner to do this for us sometimes, and it’s wonderful. It often remains a difficult role to enter with anyone new, but relinquishing the tough guy act and letting oneself receive safe, therapeutic touch or compassionate, holistic healthcare is a great thing to do for yourself. It can be life changing.

If you’re a woman with an important man in your life, I ask for your help in getting him in the hands of someone who will take good care of him (and maybe give him a little tough love if some lifestyle changes are in order). And if that guy happens to be a father, why not do it for Father’s Day?

I nag my own dad about it from time to time, and I work on him when I’m back in Boston, but it wasn’t until he was in his 70s that he finally got his first professional massage. I’m not sure he was an instant convert (he would have been if he’d gotten it at The Dragontree!) but there’s still time.

It doesn’t have to be a massage if a guy’s not comfortable with it (back when I used to do massage I had more than one male client whose idea of disrobing was getting into shorts and a t-shirt). Facials are another treatment that men so rarely partake in, but, guys, please listen to me: having someone wash and massage your face is like a preview of heaven.

Finally, besides letting someone else take care of them, I want to see more guys taking care of themselves. Lovingly. It’s the reason we decided to create a line of body care products – to encourage people to set aside the time and intention to be both the giver and the receiver of loving self-care. So, even if you are the father, I invite you to give yourself a pat on the back this Sunday – and don’t stop there.

Deepest thanks to my dad, and all the dads who step up.

Dr. Peter Borten

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