Self Care 101 – Spring Toward Creation

Self Care 101 – Spring Toward Creation

As I take my daily walks this time of year, I am filled with delight at the tiny signs of spring popping up, reminding us of the regenerative power of nature. The Daphne flowers are starting to open up, filling the air with deliriously heady fragrance, delicate primroses smiling with their bright flower faces. I saw my first daffodil of the season the other day, it’s triumphant will to break through the cold ground and once again grace us with it’s cheery presence. I am inspired by this regenerative power that nature possesses, it’s quiet will to create again and again.

I believe a necessary part of human healing is to embrace our creative drive that is inside of us all. Time and again I have experienced moving from the dark depression  that I have struggled with my whole life, towards a path of joy with the simple energy unlocked from creative expressions. Me? I like to sing, I love strumming a guitar,writing in my blank book, I like getting my hands in the dirt and planting garden beds, I love making silly collages, gluing things together, cutting paper, putting glitter on just about anything. I love saying ” I made that!” Maybe there’s a physical reaction that happens. Creation is channeling that spare energy that’s blocked inside of the body, as your insides  co-mingle with the universe, making something new, something that reflects everything that makes you unique, on this planet of seemingly similar simians.  It’s easy to forget, deny, underestimate, put ourselves down, say we’re not that good. But guess what? It’s really not the end product that matters, it’s the process itself that is powerful and healing to one’s spirit.

My cutting and pasting and glittering of seemingly meaningless stuff  is slowly but surely building that creative muscle in my mind and in my spirit. I notice I’m starting to see challenges in my life as opportunities to try new, creative approaches. I’m starting to see old patterns in new ways. I’m starting to create solutions on a daily basis. With that comes a new found joy and confidence in knowing that I am creating a life I cherish.

Creating reminds us of our own power to regenerate, our ability to break through the cold spells and open ourselves up after a season of darkness.

In what ways could you embrace your creativity today?

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