I am a person who craves structure and routine.  I just find it simplifies my life.   Recently, I added a new routine to my daily regimen which revolves around “being present” or just living in the moment.

Each morning, I do a little exercise (the goal is 30-60 minutes), shower, dress, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, and then sit down for at least 15 minutes with a cup of tea and some toast.  It’s important to note that I’ve never been a person who needs a jolt of caffeine in the morning…it’s just never appealed to me…the the tea in this case is purely a relaxing tool.  Also, it’s important to note that the toast is quite special because I’ve been using a lovely homemade jam from my friend Conn in Hawaii…..a banana/papaya taste sensation picked fresh from his property.

This short fifteen minutes sitting at the table staring out into the yard gives me a moment to ponder life. I reminisce about the past, I plan future life events, and I do just a little bit of planning for my work day. I’ve definitely noticed a considerable calmness I am receiving from this tea time which is great!

Don’t get me wrong….I’m still a person who thrives on doing a million things in a minute but I know and I am learning the importance of just taking a moment for yourself.


Spa Director, The Dragontree Spa

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