Raw Chocolate Mousse

Raw Chocolate Mousse

This recipe was recommended by a wonderful woman I recently met at a nutrition conference in Costa Rica named Nina Manolson. It’s too good not to share. A perfect, healthy dessert for the summer!

2 Medium size ripe avocados

1/2 cup  soaked and pitted dates – set them to soak anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight, until they are soft and will blend smooth

1 teaspoon vanilla extract  (non-alcohol is tastier, then you don’t have the alcohol flavor)

Pinch of sea salt

dash cayenne

1 teaspoon of orange zest. I keep organic orange peel in my freezer. Just throw the peels in a bag whenever you have an orange, and then when you need the peel, pull it out and grate it frozen, right into your recipe.

3-5 tablespoons raw cacao powder (or to taste)

Water – enough so blender will run smoothly, about ¼ cup or a little more (or if you happen to have coconut water hanging around, this adds a wonderful flavor)

In a  Vitamix or blender, blend well. Put in small dishes and refrigerate. This lasts several days in the fridge (if you can resist it for that long!).

– Heather Wade, Lead Esthetician at Thurman

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