Put some Spring in your Step…

Put some Spring in your Step…

Noticing the signs that Spring is in full swing: early blooms, budding trees, slivers of sunshine, and of course sniffles and sneezes, I’m reminded that my body too is waking to a new season.
Just like the leaves coming out to capture the energy from the sun, we too can prepare our bodies for the available energy and vitality by transitioning from the shades of winter.

By creating new patterns of movement, thought and self care we can prepare for and harness the increased energy brought by longer days, greater heat and sunshine and the expression of vitality all around.


How I fuel my body: With a juice cleanse or fasting, more veggies to provide fiber, keeping tissues hydrated and flexible
How I move my body: with an exercise program and/or body movement practice (yoga, Nia, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or dance) to strengthen and provide stamina
How I heal my body: receiving body work and acupuncture, taking mineral baths for foot and body, meditating and mindfulness practices to support flexibility, relief and renewal

I hope to listen to and integrate the wisdom of yet again a new cycle, a new season – a new opportunity for growth and self expression.

Many blessings,
Steven Burbank, LMT
Lead Therapist – The Dragontree PDX

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