Present Moment, Positive Thinking

Present Moment, Positive Thinking

My first experience with Buddhism was living in Las Vegas and a Buddhist monk was traveling through and teaching classes. My friend and I were interested and I had just started massage school. It seemed like a relevant time to be exploring all sorts of new ways of being in the world. I was raised catholic and had started practicing yoga a few years previous. So Buddhism was still a mystery to me, yet in yoga it seemed there were always references to Buddhism and Hinduism. Sometimes it overwhelmed me, as much as I was intrigued I was also a skeptic. Just because I enjoy this physical practice, does it mean I have to take on the philosophies as well.

Now, after 9 years of practicing yoga and 7 as a massage therapist, I have learned with any teaching or philosophy, to take away whatever lessons make sense to me.  One principle that continually supports my path is Present Moment, Positive Thinking.  It is a way for me stay grounded in the moment and to realize that no matter what is happening, I am here now.  In almost every moment I can find something positive to focus on.  Maybe it is that spring is here, now. After a winter of feeling cooped up, and feeling essentially damp, I have trust in the fact that the seasons change. So in the present, the flowers are already blooming. The temperature is rising and birds are chirping. Sometimes the positive may be a friend or family member that loves me, or focusing on a child I love. I have found that certain activities which bring me joy like yoga, dance, biking, making art, and meditation… all of these experiences help me to stay in present moment, positive thinking.

It is very easy for me to get distracted by all of the other things I think I should be doing.  When this happens I realize I am not showing up fully for whomever I am with in the moment.  Then I actually miss out on the beauty that is happening all around me.  It is like taking the time to smell the roses, especially if you live in Portland.



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