Practice Positivity

Practice Positivity

New research in the field of mental health finds evidence that a
grateful heart is a happy heart. I guess I’m jaded enough to roll my
eyes at the notion of “just be grateful for what you have, dammit!”
But I can commit to trying to have fun with it. They say it takes 21
consistent days to build a new mental habit. Last November I committed
to trying to see the silver lining in each and every  cloud of my
daily life. All it took was 3 days before it became a fun game. Then
by day 6? I swear great things started to fall into my lucky lap. I’m
pretty sure it wasn’t luck. Maybe because of the fact that I started
to train my brain into a positive perspective my life started to
blossom. The following are three simple ways you can take the 21 day
gratitude challenge.

1.Personalize and/or keep a blank book next to your bed. Before you
fall asleep, practice writing down what you are thankful for. I find
it’s very important to physically write out the words
” I’m grateful for……”
” I love the fact that…..”
” I feel thankful for…..”
“I think it’s so cool that…”
This training of your brain just like your body- building muscles by doing reps,

2.Find an empty jar or vase to adorn, then cut strips of colorful
paper to keep nearby out on display in your home. Every day write out
a sentence that starts like the examples before and drop it in.
Encourage others to participate. These treasures become keepsakes when
you want to look back at this time in your life or when you’re just
feeling low,. Pull out an entry and smile.

3.If you are on facebook commit to writing every day what one thing
you are thankful for.. This is fun and mysterious if you cut to the
chase and only state what the lucky bits are, People will wonder what
you’re up to. I walked through my entire days asking myself ” Is the
one thing?” Like I said, it becomes a fun game! As so should life ūüôā

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-Hilary Spray

Back of House/Apothecary Manager

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