New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

Why must we wait for the new year to make significant changes?  There is something about the flip of a year that we as humans can comprehend a bit more?

I watched a movie the other day called “Touching the Void” about a climbing incident in the Andes from the mid 1980s.  Two climbers climbed an unconquered rock face and one of the climbers broke his leg on the way down. Long story short, the injured climber was left for dead down a ravine.

In order to get out, the injured climber went deeper  into the ravine and found a way out.  Then he would give himself little 20 minute challenges to reach a certain point ahead of him.  He made it down, barely alive, but down.

We don’t have to accomplish anything all at once.  We just have to choose a starting point…and then pay attention to the smallest increment of achievement after that.

The starting point doesn’t have to have to have a special significance.  It just needs to exist.  The rest may be brilliant or it may the hardest task you’ve ever completed., but it is what shapes the whole experience.


– Meredith, Assistant Spa Director at PDX

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