Month of Love

Month of Love

In the movies, when a person sits down to write something epic, they start with a few good, but not good enough ideas. Jotting down just a few sentences¬†before it comes to them, looking up at the camera, no, just beyond the camera realizing, “they’ve got it!”

Well I’ve been sitting here, pen in hand patiently sipping through an entirely over poured glass of red wine waiting for my epiphany. I wanted to write about love, so fitting, and hands down my favorite subject. And yet nothing… I’d become inspired on the subject recently, ya know, on a good day. But love, doesn’t always have good days. If you are to call it love on those days ūüôā

But I do call it love, everyday; the good and the bad. Being someone who’s dated… a lot, I consider myself experienced when it comes to relationships. But only now do I feel I’ve begun to learn about love, the real kind, unconditional love. My partner of a very short year and half has been the catalyst. I patiently, and sometimes impatiently waited to find the one I’d felt was right for me. But one fateful day it happened. The way I felt and feel with that person is unparallel to this day and even on those bad days I remember.

So often loving someone else shows you how to really love yourself. This in the words of the great Whitney herself is the greatest love of all. My mother’s always said “well yes honey you can’t very well love a man if you aren’t already in love with yourself.” I imagine her in that sentence with a Southern accent. Now I can’t say for sure if that was just advice coming from a mother of an artistic and¬†self proclaimed entertainer of the year daughter, or the true words of a great woman who’d loved and learned. Love you mom – Happy Valentine’s Day. So I take that advice to heart, love starts with you. You could even say in order to poor love into the lives of others you must first fill up your cup.

Health and wellness has become such an important piece of my life and instrumental to my personal balance. Things like sleeping 8 hours, eating well, maybe a 30 minute head, neck, shoulder massage at my favorite local holistic day spa where you can now conveniently pay monthly for discounted treatments in what they might call a Wellness Community Program.

Basically making time for yourself may it be a little exercise, good book, celebrity trash magazine… whatever fills your cup. Sometimes I like to see movies alone (usually the romantic comedies that surprisingly no one wants to see with me)… whatever I get all the popcorn.¬†Point being, falling in love and being in a relationship with your soul mate can only get you so far, you have to take yourself all the way. You must first love yourself unconditionally before truly being capable of loving another in a way that can last a lifetime. In other words: try to love your husband like you love your cat ūüôā

It’s not all hollywood is it? (That’s right I’m not even going to capalize hollywood because it’s not real.) Well, it is actually a city in California, but the stories it tells are just that, stories. And you don’t always come up with the most epic idea after just a few sentences and have a wildly entertaining and captivating piece of work to share with the world. It took me like 2-3 glasses of wine to get this little piece of writing out. It’s putting yourself first sometimes, filling up your cup, so that you can overflow into the lives of others.

Happy freakin’ love month everyone, now go buy something¬†red and gorgeous¬†to wear on Valentine’s Day! Hey did you know February 14th is¬†not just my favorite holiday but Oregon’s’ Birthday, that’s right, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OREGON¬†I LOVE YOU, you fill up my cup.

Heidi, Assistant Spa Director at Thurman

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