Loving Livia’s Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque!

Loving Livia’s Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque!

I’ve talked to so many people recently with overly sensitive skin, or symptoms like rashing, flaking, break outs, sunburn, eczema, hyperpigmentation … you name it!  This mask has covered all the bases for nourishing, cooling, and healing irritated skin.

The key ingredient is Spirulina, which helps to balance and stabilize the skin a cellular level.  This vitamin, mineral, anti-oxident rich formula promotes a healthy inflammatory response, and boosts the skin’s immune system.

“Spirulina wards off free radicals and eliminates toxins from the skin, increasing skin metabolism to enable faster skin cell turnover and skin healing, and helping prevent candida bacteria overgrowth that can cause acne breakouts.” –livestrong.com

The Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque is great for anti-aging, and compatible with all skin types!   Keep in mind that Livia only uses natural, organic, and raw ingredients… I am officially impressed.


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