Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

Working at the airport I am consistently reminded of and continually amazed by how little time it takes to make a big difference. Time is so valuable especially when travelling or working and it is truly gratifying when you can see the positive impact that something as simple as a quick touch to a trouble spot, a hot cup of tea, or even just inviting someone to sit with their feet up for a moment can have on their day.

On a daily basis I am fortunate enough to hear clients say, “I needed that”, “that was amazing”, “this was such a good idea”. I feel even more fortunate when I see both the before and after. Attitudes and demeanor are regularly very different when they walk in from when they walk out. It’s easy to forget that not everyone is travelling for pleasure or fun vacations.  Many are working, dealing with a loss, missing their family and friends, etc.  More often than not we see people that are visibly stressed; anxious, exhausted, have injuries that are acting up, and so much more. Even things seemingly less important like dry skin or the beginning of a headache are all things that can change the course of someone’s entire day and mind set.  Luckily, we have so many talented therapists, generous employees, and effective treatments and products on the ready. I absolutely love being able to offer a remedy to help make that difference for someone and provide the instant gratification that I know we are all looking for these days.

Some of my personal favorite quick fixes (if a treatment isn’t available) for both myself and visitors to the spa are:

Muscle Melt Liniment- to soothe sore, tense, or aching muscles

Vita-Ease – external pain relieving patch

Rescue Remedy – to help with anxiety (perfect for those with a fear of flying)

Mountain Peak Energy Formula- for fatigue

Best Rest- helps relieve insomnia

Neem Oil- skin irritations

Heated Neck Pack- relaxation

We look forward to seeing you soon.

– Dominee, Spa Director at PDX

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