Where do we find inspiration?  Sometimes it is so illusive.

I was struggling with finding inspiration for this blog while inspiration itself was staring me in the face.

Remember when almost everything was inspiring: A pile of leaves as a child, the local hangout as a teenager?

I used to sit in Harvard Square in Cambridge Massachusetts for hours and love it.  I would converse with friends and strangers, watch the street performers, and just BE because being was innately exciting.

Can you imagine just sitting and ‘being’ for hours now?  We kind of forget to do that.  We kind of don’t have time to do that, right?  But, what about the gaps between point A and point B?  Isn’t that the perfect time to remember to breathe in and be inspired by taking a breath of air into your lungs? Isn’t the car ride home a perfect time to explore some new music or reacquaint yourself with some old favorites?  Take yourself out to a new restaurant and challenge yourself to meet one new person.

Remember that feeling in your gut you would get when something really inspired you?

I have songs that I will listen to again and again because they give me that feeling.  I am amazed by something so simple and elegant in a series of sounds.

I shuffled through a pile of leaves the other day and remembered flying through the air into piles of New England fall leaves.  I remembered the smell and the crispness.

Remember to keep yourself inspired.  Keep reading.  Keep exploring.  Stop putting off those things that you’ve wanted to try for years as the years go VERY quickly.  Remember that inspiration comes from the littlest things…

— Meredith DeLoca Assistant Spa Director at PDX

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