If You Have Sensitive Skin You Need to Read This!

If You Have Sensitive Skin You Need to Read This!

Calm your Traumatized skin with Epicuren’s Acidophilus Probiotic Cream!

Epicuren Discovery worked with Natren Inc. to create a “miracle cream” for problematic skin.  As you may or may not know, acidophilus contains probiotic bacteria, which kills bad bacteria, and helps balance your complexion.  Couple that with a slightly exfoliating moisturizer and you have a skin care regimen that fights acne safely without drying you out!  It will also calm and restore the healthy flora of your skin, leaving a flawless finish.  Rave reviews come from everyone I know who have gotten their hands (and faces) on this product … especially those with severely sensitive skin who have spent their lives and savings searching for something of this caliber.  If you didn’t already know about this product … umm, you’re welcome.

~Kathryn Maugér, Assistant Spa Director NW

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