Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

I grew up celebrating St. Nicholas day every December 6th.  It felt very special to me, because we were the only family that I knew, in the small Montana town I grew up in, that celebrated this day.  We always waited with excitement for dinner, when St. Nick was bound to leave a package of goodies outside our door.  We four kids checked the doors until they almost fell off their hinges!  I have no idea how the package arrived every year, but it did.  It was never fancy – not full of nintendos and bikes, but simple – a brown paper bag full of oranges and nuts and candy canes.

As I became and “adult”, I realized that really very few people I knew in United States celebrate this day.  Of course, I took this as my own little mission to become Saint Nicholas for my friends.  Leaving them packages of treats on their doorstep and running away!  Kind of an adrenaline rush J

Since my daughter, Sabina, was born 4 years ago all holidays have become more delightful for me, but especially Saint Nicholas day.  It’s fun to have St. Nick come to our house – but even more fun to include her in “Saint Nicking” others!  She gets really into it, and loves the idea that because St. Nick doesn’t know them – we get to BE St. Nick.  It has been a fun way to teach giving without receiving, without even receiving a thank you (though most of my friends have caught on at this point and we get lots of thank yous – it is not the point).

In the spirit of Saint Nicholas, also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker because of the miracles associated with him, if you feel so inclined – go out and “Saint Nick” someone!  A cup of coffee on their desk, a flower for your partner, a sweet orange for your kid – nothing big, just a little something that brings a smile to their face and joy into their heart.  It will most certainly bring joy in to your heart as well.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day,

Briana Borten, Founder

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