Good for Everybody

Good for Everybody

Part of my job here as the retail manager for the spa is making the Dragontree products. We sell a variety of massage oils, body scrubs, bath fizzies, salt baths, milk baths, aromatherapy sprays and more. And over the past few months I have learned how to make them all.

Most items were pretty simple to put together. It took me a while to figure out how to bottle the massage oils without making a ridiculously slippery mess, ( you would think filling a bottle to the rim would be an easy task, but our bottles are very dark brown, which makes it particularly hard to see the levels inside without a very bright light shining behind it). My Virgo nature inherently hates making messes, but the massage oils humbled me to a quivering lump of giggles.

The turning of this season brought one more product to the top of my list of items to make- Chai Sugar Scrub. The first taste of what I was about to experience occurred when Peter handed me a huge Ziploc bag of all the freshly ground spices he brought from his herbal apothecary. The intense aroma of the sweet warmth instantly transported my memory somewhere else, days of long lost autumn afternoons, filled with warm tea, spice cookies and other baked treats  warmly wafting from the kitchen. The scent permeated my entire bag and my car. It was great.

When I brought the spices to “the laboratory”, and started to warm up the oils, something in me decided to forfeit any notion of my usual “hands off” utensil-only approach to product assembly. I poured the sugar into the giant stainless steel mixing bowl, then added the spice mix, and took a big breath in. Yum! The oil was ready and I poured it into the mix. Hands took control over logic,started mixing the warm ingredients and suddenly I felt like I was creating the most delicious treasure for family and friends I love. Of all the products, I have to say this is my favorite one to make!

The warming spices are terrific for sluggish circulation. It’s not just aromatherapy. Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger all contain vital compounds that increase circulation within the body. The grind of the mixture smooths and exfoliates your skin-try it on your lips, it really is delicious!! And finally, who wouldn’t want to to smell like a freshly baked pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top?

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