Garshana – What is it?

Garshana – What is it?

Admittedly, one of our Ayurvedic treatments that we offer has been a little foreign to me. I’ve understood the concept, but never experienced it fully for myself until recently. After being the ‘model’ for several trainings on Garshana, I feel compelled to share how underrated I think this treatment is.


It feels absolutely amazing and I can feel good things happening as I am in the midst of the treatment as well as following. Garshana is a Sanskrit word meaning, “dry brushing”, which for us refers to a treatment where raw silk gloves are used to perform a dry skin brushing with light, vigorous strokes. Garshana exfoliates dead skin, enhances circulation of blood and lymph, and promotes elimination of toxins. Done regularly, it is reported to break down fat deposits. Not only was I impressed by the smoothness of my skin, but it was simultaneously relaxing and energizing, which I think is a challenging mix to come by. I could feel the positive impact that it was having on my circulation and I’ll spare you the details, but it aided in the elimination of toxins as suggested. It also helps prepare the body for increased absorption of any oils that are applied afterward, making it the perfect complement to massage. It can be added on to any of the massages offered at the Dragontree and is included in a number of packages, such as

Glowing Grace (at the airport location): Clear away the old by exfoliating dead cells and debris, opening the pores, invigorating the circulation, and repairing the skin with a Garshana treatment. Your skin will then welcome an infusion of nourishing oil through a relaxing hour Swedish massage.
1 hour 30 minutes – $115


The Full Bliss Immersion (at Thurman): All four major Ayurvedic treatments. Relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating, and cleansing: Shirodhara, Garshana, Abhyangha and Swedana.
One therapist/Two therapists – $225/280


I encourage you to look past the funny name and unglamorous description and add this beneficial treatment to your next massage at the Dragontree.


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