As we begin this new year, I am first reminded on how fast 2012 went by!  Too many things wanting to be accomplished and not enough time to do them.   No regrets…just time passes by so fast.   I’ve decided this year to have a heavy focus on myself.   I don’t make goals I have intentions which don’t necessarily start at the first of the year or finish at the end of the year.  My focus is to create time for myself to just not “think” and to just “be”.  I’m hoping to accomplish this by exercise, possibly yoga (which I like, but can’t seem to commit), possibly mediation (which again I like, but can’t get my brain to stay quite for 10 minutes) and taking time away from the TV (which I love) and just let my mind wander and be inspired.  I recently watched a show on Ovation about Phillipe Starck (I told you I loved TV) which was very inspiring.  His philosophy on design goes way beyond fashion, trend,  or style…it’s about doing something to benefit human kind.  Four episodes later I’m still hooked on this show which truly makes me inspired to step it up in my life.  Looking over this paragraph it looks like I’m going to have a busy year, but hey….you got to start somewhere..right?

-Robert Goergen

Spa Director of NW Thurman

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