Exciting News

Exciting News

The NW Dragontree location has recently added a second Esthetics Room just in time for the holidays! It’s so nice to be able to accommodate more spa packages arranged at the same time for those coming in with friends. Located across from our Sangha Room it’s warm and inviting with some beautiful lighting.

Speaking of Esthetics, I recently had my first facial, ever. I had no idea I’d enjoy it as much as I did. I expected cleansing and masks and such but was delighted to find it’s like a massage for your face and one of my new favorite things! Not to mention the extra head, neck, shoulder massage involved along with hands and arms. It was amazing, you just don’t think of enjoying that kind of treatment if you’ve not had it before.

I also got hooked on one of our skin care lines, Livia. The cleanser is so gentle and my skin has finally, literally for the first time in my life, stopped over producing oil. I still have a little glisten but now, instead of greasy, I can confidently call it a healthy glow! The two Livia products I’m addicted to and absolutely cannot live without are the Green Tea Complex Cleanser and the Rosemary Clarifying Serum. I only use a moisturizer a couple times a week, but these two products I use every time I cleanse, once, sometimes twice a day. The serum itself is moisturizing and so light it feels great. But on top of that the cleanser is not over drying and does not strip my skin of its natural oils leaving it feeling tight and squeaky, which is not good for your skin. I think that the right cleanser is key!

With the new esthetics room I hope more of our clients will enjoy our skincare options. Rejuvenating and Clarifying, our facials offer more than just great skin care, they are an extension of the therapy our massage therapists provide and I believe the Dragontree is famous for.

~Heidi, Assistant Spa Director, Dragontree NW

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