Creation & Destruction

Creation & Destruction

As potent and capable beings, we have the ability to CREATE on a daily basis that which we desire to manifest as our experience in life. Creativity is innate in all of us as a product of our natural evolution. The creative aspect of life can be invigorating and inspiring. It’s an area where we put into play our personal power, artistic expression, and is part of what speaks to how we “show up” in the world.

The inevitable polarity to creation that we commonly lose sight of, however, is DESTRUCTION. Like the leaves of a tree that turn brown, fall to the ground and decompose, so do aspects of our lives as a by-product of creation. We cannot have one without the other, just as we cannot have light without dark, or good without the bad, it is a part of the pendulum’s swing that maintains a balance in life.

I believe that the destruction process is just as much of a teacher to us as creation, and when we can embrace the opportunities that are presented to us through it, we are able to utilize the nutrients from the decomposition, to blossom once again. Therefore, we are not only powerful “manifestors” but also skilled in the art of the dismantling and breaking down process of life, encouraging our pendulums to swing gently in the middle ground, providing more space for our creativity.

With light & love,
Morning Star

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