Creating Peace

Creating Peace

The Dragontree’s mission is to create a more peaceful, healthy, and centered world. While we know we can’t massage every person into bliss, we do know that we can contribute to every person that we meet and give them some love that they can bring into the rest of their day and all the people that they interact with. Today we would like to challenge you to create a little more peace in our world by doing these three simple things:

1. SMILE. All day long. For no reason. Smile at everyone. It is scientifically proven that if you smile for 30 seconds your mood elevates and sharing a smile is such a sweet gift.

2. When people ask you the inevitable “How are you doing?” – Say “fabulous!”. It will become true and it will give them the freedom to experience fabulousness too.

3. HUG. Hug your friends when you see them, hug your co-workers (with consent), hug your family. Loving touch is wonderfully healing.

You can make a difference – be a positive force in the world.

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