Chinese Sports Medicine

Chinese Sports Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese martial arts have been associated for centuries, since there is a great potential for injury in kung fu training. The modern specialty of Chinese sports medicine has developed to treat common soft tissue injuries-sprains, strains, bruising and inflammation-both acute and chronic.

There are many similarities between Western and Chinese sports medicine, though one significant difference is that in Chinese sports medicine icing is not used. In treating sports injuries, Chinese medicine employs herbal liniments, poultices and plasters, acupressure, massage and acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, internal herbs and dietary modifications. Some advantages of Chinese sports medicine are (1) little or no need for anti-inflammatories, (2) faster healing times, (3) more complete healing, and (4) reduced susceptibility to reinjury.

Chinese sports medicine is effective in treating acute muscle, tendon and ligament injury, pain and swelling, chronic tendonitis, chronic joint pain, restriction of range of motion of joints, frozen shoulder, and back injury. ??NON-ATHELETES WELCOME!

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