Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable

I can think back about 3 ½ years and come up with almost nothing that hasn’t changed.

The majority of us fear change.  It’s understandable to be uncomfortable with unknown territory.  But, I’ve been through so much of it in rapid succession that it almost seems as if I finally approach it as natural and unavoidable.

There are some hiccups brewing in something that I’ve nurtured for years.  My mind says throw in the towel and make the change.  My mind says stick with it and see what happens next; continue to go with the flow.  I don’t fear either option.

The leaves are starting to turn and I don’t fear the change.  I am looking forward to a time of hibernation and nurturing the mind, having time with my loved ones, making warm and hearty foods.

Things flow as they need to.  The seasons are predictable and are one of the few things that are.  Appreciate that predictability…and appreciate the changes that flow regardless of the seasons.

~Meredith Deloca, Assistant Spa Director, Portland Airport

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