Beauty and Ease for your Summer Skin.

Beauty and Ease for your Summer Skin.

Exciting news for the world of skincare at The Dragontree!

We are now carrying a new sunscreen product! Epicuren’s Silk Mist Sunscreen SPF 15 is not your ordinary sun protection product. The entire esthetics team has been patiently waiting for it’s arrival. Why is the Silk Mist Sunscreen SPF 15 so special and unique? Well it can be used on anyone, at anytime of day, anywhere!
This sunscreen was originally meant to be a part of Epicuren’s baby-safe product line. Once the Epicuren team realized how amazing it was they turned it in to a product ready for all ages. They have created a non-penetrating, micro-capsule that mimics a silk like finish on the skin. The micro-capsule prevents the actual sunscreen agents from coming in to contact with your skin, making it completely safe and effective for all skin types including the most sensitive.

It’s a spray formula which means you can apply it quickly and easily whenever you need more protection. If you’re at the park with your little ones but your hands are sandy and you can’t apply a cream sunscreen, this is perfect. You won’t hear any more objections while you spend ten minutes rubbing lotion on them, just a few spritzes and they’re back on the monkey bars!
Or if you’re like me and you wear makeup to work it’s always been impossible to reapply a lotion sunscreen when needed throughout the day on top of your foundation. This silky spray is ideal because it won’t bother your makeup one bit! Keep it in your purse or makeup bag and spritz as needed throughout the day, your coworkers will never know!
We hope you all get the chance to experience the convenience and benefits our new product.
Stop by The Dragontree to test it out or ask questions anytime!

Neva Osterloh, Lead Esthetician

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