There’s nothing plain about this vanilla…

I have a confession… I’ve always had a challenging relationship with vanilla scented products, a relationship that over the past decade has not shown any signs of improving, UNTIL NOW! Because of this, I was a little reluctant to try the new Dragontree Hand and Body Lotion in the Balance scent, but trusting in Briana’s knowledge and creative flair for blending essential oils, I gave it a try. I’ve been using it regularly in our facial rooms as it’s featured in the hand massage of our Fall Harvest Facial, and it has honestly become a scent I now crave. There is something about the combination of a high quality vanilla essential oil blended with black pepper and cardamon that just sings. I think the Balance lotion is a clear example of where having the best quality ingredients makes for the best quality result, something I have found especially true when it comes to blends of essential oils. Here the vanilla scent is fresh, warm and sensuous, but takes on a whole new dimension being cleverly combined with the spicy kick of black pepper and the exotic complexity of cardamon. I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but after massaging so many hands with the Balance lotion this month, I’m not surprised it was the first of the new Dragontree lotions to fly off the shelves. But I’m glad to say it’s been restocked because I plan to buy more to give as gifts this winter. I figure what could be a better gift… a unique creation from our local community that smells enchantingly cozy and bright, has high quality hydrating ingredients, comes in an attractive, functional package and costs $9. That makes me happy!


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