A Guys Face

A Guys Face

Hey guys…how much time do you do you set aside each week to work on your body?   Think about the amount of time you put into going to the gym, biking, hiking, running, etc.   Just like you take time for your body you should take time for your face.

Here are a couple of things to think about:

-a guys’ skin naturally produces more oil due to testosterone levels

-shaving can leave us with nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, redness, etc.

-ageing….none of us are getting any younger and we can all use a little help in this area

Think about setting aside some time to do some general skincare maintenance.  A quick facial every other month (or at least quarterly) is a great way to maintain a healthy appearance.    Think about the products you are using daily and if they are really right for your skin type….investing in great product (like anything else…cars, bikes, electronics)…makes all the difference.

Put the time in and the rewards will pay off!

– Robert Goergen, Spa Director at Thurman

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