A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things

New products at PDX!

I am so pleased that we have added two amazing LOCAL brands to our retail selection at PDX…

Sidlab HairCouture is my absolute favorite hair care brand ever. It can be challenging to find a brand that makes your hair look good without sacrificing being good for your hair. I learned how to grow hair faster and Sidlab is able to do that and much more. Free of parabens (a preservative linked to cancer), sodium laureth sulfate free (harsh chemical foaming agent that can lead to many adverse side effects as well as strip your hair of nourishing oils and hair color), never tested on animals (important because…uh well duh…we shouldn’t have to hurt animals for our hair), and packaged in 100% recyclable containers you can feel pretty darn good about investing in quality hair care. Created by a long time stylist who is currently working in the industry you can also rest assured that the products are actually going to do what they say and are designed for results.

Here are a few of my top picks that any hair type can benefit from:

Pacifica -sea salt spray that gives a salty straight from the beach texture

Magic -dry powder shampoo that adds volume, absorbs oil, and has a fresh scent (great for adding volume to clean hair too)

Blend -texturizer and/or finishing product that provides shape and definition and gives you ultimate sculpting and taming control

We currently carry select items from the line, but as demand grows, so will our selection. Let us know what you want and we will get it!

Now that you’re looking good and feeling good about your responsible hair choices you should feel good physically too…

Thumbby Soft Massage Cone can help with that. Unless you can hire a fabulous Dragontree massage therapist to travel with you or be your personal massage therapist chances are good you’ll benefit from a massage tool that you can use yourself. This strange looking little cone mimics the feel of a thumb and helps apply pressure to areas that are hard to get to.

A few tidbits about the Thumbby:

-It sticks to doors so you can lean on it to massage your own back and other awkward to reach places

-It saves your hands (great for massage therapists) because it amplifies force- apply 1 psi to the base and get 8 psi at the point. (psi=pounds per square inch)

-Works when used hot, iced, or room temp; dry or with oil/lotion. When used dry, it easily grips muscles through clothing, which is great if you are traveling or at work…or better yet if you are traveling for work.

The Thumbby was created by two women here in Portland, one with over 20 years of design and engineering experience and the other has massage therapist experience spanning over 30 years. Having already heard many positive testimonials from both therapists and clients, I am grateful that we are able to offer this effective little product and help support a small, women owned, local business at the same time. How could you not love it?!

Here’s to looking, feeling, and DOING good! See you soon!


Spa Director

The Dragontree Spa PDX

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