A Concoction of Vitamins to Fight Your Cold

A Concoction of Vitamins to Fight Your Cold

I’m sick. Who’s with me? I work full time, am a mom to a (germ carrying) toddler who goes to pre-school 3 days/week, and I’m also a wife who tries to keep the house clean and healthy dinners ready for my family.All of that running around can leave you feeling, well, run down. Or run over in my case this past week! I had a cold I just couldn’t shake, and every time I started to feel a little better (i.e. could kind of smell or taste) I would come down with something else. It seemed to be a never ending cycle. I was taking Vitamin C but it just didn’t seem to be working. I was also taking Vitamin D and a multi vitamin. Still no luck!

I came into the spa one day and heard the receptionists talking about how they kicked their cold with “X-Viromin.” What in the world was that? Turns out, it’s sold at The Dragontree! I quickly made my way over to the vitamin and herbs cabinet and found “X-Viromin” which says it is a “multi vitamin, glandular & herbal dietary supplement.” I also grabbed the Vitamin C-1000 with Rose Hips and the Zinc Lozenges, on Briana’s advice that this combination of things keeps her healthy and the Zinc lozenges taste really yummy (which they do!)

I am happy to say, after 3 days on this new regimen I can taste, smell and even breath again! I would highly recommend these products, and of course ask any of the amazing therapists at The Dragontree what they recommend for you, and they can tell you all of the benefits of the herbs and vitamins in that lovely vitamin cabinet. Stay healthy!

– Maggie Palmer, Marketing Director

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